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JSModem for JSLinux

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Provides a virtual modem device for JSLinux platform. It is a result of studying project conducted on PC emulator that was implemented in JS by Fabrice Bellard (see There is a screencast discussing this project


  • Get a copy by cloning the repo from

  • Run make all in jsmodem/emulator to download and patch JSLinux from

  • Start serving JSLinux locally with sudo ./

  • Navigate to http://localhost:2080/ This should boot the guest system.

  • Login as root and run ./ppp_up to bring up the ppp interface. Check it with ifconfig and ping.


JSModem script is heavily based on JSLinux project, hence browser must be modern enough to support it. Another project websockify provides websockets abstraction with fallback to flash.

To serve on host system one will need

  • python 2.6

  • bash

  • sed

  • gawk

  • grep

  • pppd

  • socat

  • iptables


Internet connection was tested on

  • server: linux 2.6.35 - ubuntu 10.10 Maverick, client: Chrome 12.0.742.112 (linux), FF 3.6.8 (linux).


For now, best way to give some feedback is to email eugeny dot yakimovitch at gmail dot com with subject jsmodem. Test reports are greatly appreciated.

wbr, yy

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