this humble script will build your titanium project to your iphone if you are in the root directory of your project. AKA where tiapp.xml is
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b2i (previously xcode-build-to-device )

Please note: Titanium 3.2 will allow you to build to an iPhone or iPad device directly.

final note: I will continue support until 2014 to ~2015. You should use the Titanium CLI and/or TiStudio/AppcStudio long term

This humble script will build your Titanium app directly to an iPhone or iPad.

I really would like to see this merged into Titanium CLI so for now I am holding off on making this a fancy npm package or ruby gem.

That said, it is immediately usable (and for OSX only)


Clone the repo, call it .b2i and place it in your home directory

git clone ~/.b2i

Add this to your ~/.bash_profile and/or ~/.zshrc (if you use zsh)

alias b2i="~/.b2i/"

If you plan on using terminal from Titanium Studio, you'll want to add that line to the bash_profile

Now anytime you are in the root directory (aka same level as where the tiapp.xml file is) you can type:


Provided that your certificates are correct, it will build your titanium app to the device directly. No iTunes, no GUIs to mess with. :-)

You will have to make sure that your project has been build as an iPhone target... aka yourproject/build/iphone/files_here_must_exist

If there is nothing in that directory then consider using the titanium CLI and run

titanium build

This b2i program will work on alloy and traditional appcelerator apps.


Since this program is in a git repo, you can upgrade it any time via

	cd ~/.b2i && git pull

Why mention something so trivial? Documentation :-)


b2i and mobiledevice are licensed under the MIT license:

Final house keeping notes:

I will be leaving the name of this repo alone. Even though the name of the command is now b2i.

If you want the code to the mobiledevice program:

I am referencing my fork of it because I do intend to add functionality to that program.

Also, if this project doesn't work, please file an issue. Also, pull requests are welcome.

Enjoy. :-)