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Swap Box Reloaded

Swap Box Reloaded is an attempt to extend the unique gameplay of Swap Box Turbo, an original game by Nifflas. The game is playable in browser and requires two players in order to steer two cubes among platforms and obstacles. The gameplay and controls are quite ordinary, except that every two seconds, controls are swapped. That is to say the cube controlled by one player becomes the cube controlled by the other. Apart from that the game is a platform-game with a horizontal auto-scrolling that force players to go forward.

The game is still in development. We are two students working on our free-time, trying to improve and refactor the game in order to keep it programmatically correct. The game is playable directly here (by the way, it is really hard to play alone!).


  • The game is playable in the browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred), with both players sharing one keyboard.
  • Sounds and visual hints help players to follow the rhythm.
  • All levels are potentially infinite. They are generated automatically according to a seed, and can be re-generated identically from the seed. The variety of levels is easily expandable because of the concept of biomes.
  • The game is cooperative, the score is common to both player and depends of the travelled distance.
  • Colorblind friendly! :D


  • Swap Box Reloaded uses the Phaser.js game engine which relies on the WebGL renderer Pixi.js
  • The game is entirely made in JavaScript and needs to be executed client-side.


Our take on the original Swap Box Turbo gameplay.






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