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Pebble MPD Client

This is an MPD client for the pebble!

Pebble MPD Client

Supported platforms are aplite,basalt,chalk,diorite and emery so basically every pebble platform available! If you want support for any other platform or found any bug just create an issue.


After installing via the pebble app store you might need to do some more extra configuration.
Because of how the pebble API is working you might need to run a seperate python proxy on the server where your MPD server is running or on any other computer in the same network.

You do NOT have to run the python proxy if you apply to one of the following:

  • run an older MPD server
  • have your pebble connected to IOS

So, how do you run said python proxy?

  1. sudo pip3 install python-mpd2
  2. copy all files from here to a directory on your server
  3. edit config.json with the server IP and (optionally) a password (Password is recommended!)
  4. run python3 pebble_mpd_proxy.py . It is recommended to run the proxy in e.g. a different screen so that you can close the connection to your server after starting the proxy. For that:
  • screen -S pebble_mpd_proxy
  • python3 pebble_mpd_proxy.py
  • exiting: hitting Ctrl+a and then d
  • for resuming: screen -r pebble_mpd_proxy

I you are interested as to why such a proxy is needed, head over here.


What each button always does is shown on the right, you can stop by hitting the center button for a long time.


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