A Playstation Network API written in PHP
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Try it out here: http://ilendemli.info/PSN/index.php/


  • v0.3:

    • Added composer support.
    • Breaking changes, now in Gumer\PSN namespace.
    • Requests are made out of constructed objects.
    • Authentication manager with user provider and interface that are extenisble.
  • v0.2:

    • updated for the new login procedure by sony
    • make the code a bit more tidier
  • v0.1:

    • initial release

For now this script can do:

  • Log in to the site and receive access and refresh tokens
  • Refresh the access token
  • Get profile data
  • Get friend list (you always can get your friendlist, you can also get the friendlist of a friend of yours, they just have to allow it)

##Features planned

  • Get trophies
  • Get all coversations (as overview)
  • Get one conversation (as chat, gets all messages)
  • Send a text message
  • Friends
    • Friends management (add, delete, block)
    • Messaging with voice and image
  • Profile feeds (depends on users privacy)
  • Notifications


  • A valid PSN account
  • A webserver (can be locally or hosted somewhere)
  • Some brain

##Installing I don't have to explain this, do I? But let me just say that you need a folder called 'tmp' in the same folder where the login.php is


// Setup the connections and instances.
$client     = new Guzzle\Http\Client('', ['redirect.disable' => true]);
$connection = new Gumer\PSN\Http\Connection;
$provider   = new Gumer\PSN\Authentication\UserProvider($connection);
$auth       = Gumer\PSN\Authentication\Manager::instance($provider);

// Attempt to login.
$auth->attempt('username_here', 'password_here');

// Get the current user profile.
$request    = new Gumer\PSN\Requests\GetMyInfoRequest;
$response   = $connection->call($request);
$info       = json_decode($response->getBody(true), true);

// Get the friends list for the current 
$request    = new Gumer\PSN\Requests\TrophyDataRequest;
$response   = $connection->call($request);

and so on..


NOTE: I do own a PlayStation 3 system, so i can spam my friends with messages and check if they are online. I downloaded the PSN app on my iPhone 5 and the apps are similar. I can sniff the data which are sent to PlayStation servers, so I was able to create the code to send messages. You can donate to ilendemli@live.at, if you want to support me and my work. Any support is appreciated!