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Recursive Runner is a runner game, published on Android (Google Play, F-droid and direct download). It can also run on Linux, Windows, MacOSX and iOS devices.

It uses sac (Soupe au Caillou) 2D engine.

#Get the sources git clone --recursive

#How to build To build the game, you can use script sac/tools/build/ Use -h to get available options.

##For Unix/Linux

  • Build and launch: ./sac/tools/build/ --target linux n

##For Android

  • Build APK, install it on any plugged device and launch it: ./sac/tools/build/ --target android n -p -i r

  • Generate a signed APK: ./sac/tools/build/

  • Generate a free build (excluding Google Play services): ./sac/tools/build/ && cd android/ && ant release

#License See License file.


  • Special thanks to our translators from (you can help us too!):
    • xesusmosquera for Galician (Spain)
    • fmoliveira for Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Brainmote for Italian
    • Nienke84 and darwinel for Dutch
    • kokumaro for Japanese
    • michtrz for Polish and German
    • probil for Ukrainian
    • funcman for Chinese
    • amir69kh for Persian
    • CasperLi_HK for Chinese (Hong Kong)

#Contact If you are willing to contact us, please email us at