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Space::Clock Icon

Yet another beautiful and configurable digital clock application written in ruby.


Running the Source Code 🍭

  1. You need to install Ruby and Ruby2D

  2. After successful installation, go to the Space::Clock directory and run the main.rb file with the Ruby interpreter.

Keys ⌨️

  • Space

    Press the Space key to show / hide the foreground.

  • Up

    The Up key will increase the opacity of the foreground.

  • Down

    Pressing the Down key will reduce the opacity of the foreground.

  • Right / Left

    Make the particles on cursor disappear!

  • Right Shift / Left Shift

    The Right Shift and Left Shift keys will launch a new window of Space::Clock parallely.

  • Left Alt / Right Alt / Left Ctrl / Tab

    Shuffle everything in the Space.

  • F11

    Toggle fullscreen.

  • A / I

    Launch the about / info window.

  • C / S

    Show the options mentioned (configuration / settings) in the config.conf file, in a separate window.

Mouse Buttons 🐭

  • Primary Mouse Button

    • Pressing the primary mouse button will show a greetings.
    • Pressing the primary mouse button on Time and Date will change the Time and Date format.
    • Pressing the primary mouse button on a custom text will help you drag the text.
  • Secondary Mouse Button

    • Pressing the Secondary mouse button will change the foreground colour randomly (it generates a random hex colour)

Configuring / Customization ⚙️

The configuration file is located in the same directory of main.rb. It's called config.conf. The # are comments. You can change the values after the = to change the behaviour of Space::Clock.

Read the instructions.txt file for these info, and for more - which contains the keyboard shortcuts, and mouse functions.

Screenshots 📸


Default 2


Note 🗒

Space::Clock has no physics. There's a lot of violation of physics, I have made it in a way so it looks beautiful...

Bugs 🐞

If you find any bugs 🐛 or you have ideas 💡 to improve this project please let us know via GitHub🐙 or email ✉️ me


Yet another Ruby2D digital clock with a space theme. It requires a good amount of processing power to process everything. Great for screensavers.




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