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Yet another Ruby2D digital clock with a space theme. It requires a good amount of processing power to process everything. Great for screensavers.
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Yet another beautiful and configurable digital clock written in ruby.

Running the clock:

  1. You need Ruby, and Ruby2D.

    You can download and install Ruby from here (documentation provided on the website):
    You can get Ruby2D from here:
  2. After successful installation, go to the Space::Clock directory/folder, and run the main.rb file with ruby.

  3. You can run it directly by clicking on it twice, like other applications - for that you first need to make it executable:

     chmod 777 main.rb

Note 1: This clock will consume a good amount of processing power. Not a big amount of RAM though. A good CPU is recommended for the default setting. Or else you can optimize it using the


file. The file can be found at the Space::Clock directory. Read the file for help regarding configuration - this is easy.

Note 2: There's a lot of violation of physics, but I just did all that just because it looks cool! One example is the flames from the spacecrafts shouldn't be there in the empty space. But without those flames, the looks would be boring, and there will be nothing much to do...

Read the instructions.txt file for these info, and for more - which contains the keyboard shortcuts, and mouse functions.

For bugs report (except regarding Ruby2D installation) please contact:

For the lite version go to:

If you like this project, please share if you can! Thank you very much!

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