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Speed Match 🦄

Speed match is a brain training game (not based on real brain test). screenshot

Running the Source Code ⚙️

  • Install Ruby and Ruby2D
  • Download the zip file here.
  • Unzip the zip file.
  • Run main.rb with Ruby Interpreter.

How to Play 🎮

  • You first have to look at the Card. And see if the card matches the previous card.
  • There are a YES and a NO button. Press YES if the currently shown card matches the previous card, otherwise Press NO.
  • Speed Match has 45 seconds time limit.
  • You have to try to get most of the response right. Answering right in a row will give you more and more bonus for each response. Responding wrong will take away all your streak.

Controls 🐭⌨️

The game can be played both with the mouse and the keyboard (no joystick support yet)

Keyboard ⌨️

  • To trigger YES button, press the left key, a key, 1 key or j key
  • To trigger NO button, press right key, d key, 3 key or ; key
  • To trigger Pause/Play button, press space key, escape key or f key.

Mouse and On-screen Buttons 🐭

While the Game is Not Paused ▶️

  • Press any of the mouse buttons (primary, middle, left) on YES or NO will trigger YES or NO respectively.
  • Press any of the mouse buttons (primary, middle, left) on the Pause button to pause the game.

While the Game is Paused

  • Press the Big Play button, small Play button, the Play text or the Play/Pause button to start playing.
  • Press the bulb icon to get statistics, and learn more about the game.
  • Press the Reset button to restart the game.
  • Press the Power button to exit the game.

Windows 🗔

There are two windows:

  • The main.rb file opens the game.
  • The stats.rb file opens your performance records.
  • As discussed in the "Mouse and On-screen Buttons" section, you can click on the Bulb icon while the game is paused to see your performance records.

Statistics 📊

After launching main.rb, and playing until timeout (45 seconds), your score will be written to ./data/data file as a hexadecimal value. The stats.rb file reads the ./data/data file and converts it back to decimal.


It is to be noted that the stats.rb is not based on real-life mental tests. Any contribution is welcomed.

Screenshot 📸


Bugs 🐞

If you find any bug (which will be always caught 🥅🐛🥅 ) or feature request, please let me know via GitHub or email me


A brain training game written in Ruby.




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