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Fixed TempEntity[Pre/Post]Hook decorators for engines that doesn't relies on CBaseTempEntity::Create.
Added add_hook, remove_hook, handle_hook and hooks to the TempEntityTemplate class in order to offer a non-decorator way to manage temp entity creation hooks.
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invincibleqc committed Mar 5, 2019
1 parent 0e2fb1d commit c3a3d362445604a0b17f26ce1b3aa69b12017255
Showing with 30 additions and 33 deletions.
  1. +30 −33 addons/source-python/packages/source-python/effects/
@@ -11,12 +11,16 @@
# Effects
from effects.base import TempEntity
from effects.templates import temp_entity_templates
# Engines
from engines.server import engine_server
# Filters
from filters.recipients import RecipientFilter
# Memory
from memory import get_virtual_function
from memory import make_object
from memory.hooks import HookType
from memory.hooks import PreHook
from memory.hooks import PostHook

# =============================================================================
@@ -42,42 +46,22 @@ def __init__(self, temp_entity_name):
# Store the given temp entity name... = temp_entity_name

# Set the callback to None...
self._callback = None

# Store the function to hook...
self.function = get_virtual_function(
temp_entity_templates[temp_entity_name], 'Create')
except NameError:
# Given name was invalid, set the function to None...
self.function = None
# Get and store the temp entity template...
self.template = temp_entity_templates[temp_entity_name]

# Re-raise the error...
# Set the callback to None...
self.callback = None

def __call__(self, callback):
"""Store the callback and try initialize the hook."""
def _callback(stack_data, *args):
"""Called when the hooked method is called."""
# Get the temp entity instance...
temp_entity = make_object(TempEntity, stack_data[0])

# Are we looking for that temp entity?
if ==

# Call the registered callback...
return callback(temp_entity, make_object(
RecipientFilter, stack_data[1]))

# Store the callback...
self._callback = _callback
self.callback = callback

# Initialize the hook...
self.function.add_hook(self.hook_type, self._callback)
self.template.add_hook(self.hook_type, callback)

# Return the callback...
return _callback
return callback

def hook_type(self):
@@ -86,12 +70,7 @@ def hook_type(self):

def _unload_instance(self):
"""Unload the hook."""
# Was no hook registered?
if self.function is None or self._callback is None:

# Unregister the hook...
self.function.remove_hook(self.hook_type, self._callback)
self.template.remove_hook(self.hook_type, self.callback)

class TempEntityPreHook(_TempEntityHook):
@@ -104,3 +83,21 @@ class TempEntityPostHook(_TempEntityHook):
"""Decorator used to create temp entity post hooks that auto unload."""

hook_type = HookType.POST

# =============================================================================
# >> HOOKS
# =============================================================================
@PreHook(get_virtual_function(engine_server, 'PlaybackTempEntity'))
def pre_playback_temp_entity(stack_data):
"""Handle pre hooks."""
temp_entity = TempEntity(stack_data[3])
return temp_entity.template.handle_hook(HookType.PRE, temp_entity,
make_object(RecipientFilter, stack_data[1]))

@PostHook(get_virtual_function(engine_server, 'PlaybackTempEntity'))
def post_playback_temp_entity(stack_data, return_value):
"""Handle post hooks."""
temp_entity = TempEntity(stack_data[3])
return temp_entity.template.handle_hook(HookType.POST, temp_entity,
make_object(RecipientFilter, stack_data[1]))

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