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Zombie:Reborn is a plugin designed for running Zombie Escape on Counter-Strike 2. However it can also be used for other zombie gamemodes like Zombie Mod.

We are currently maintaining/supporting a ZR implementation within CS2Fixes. Eventually, this repository will be reused for a future standalone ZR plugin in CounterStrikeSharp or Source2Mod.

Join our Discord for development discussion and to keep up to date!


  • Follow CS2Fixes install instructions
  • Ensure zr_enable 1 is set in cfg/cs2fixes/cs2fixes.cfg
  • Navigate to addons/cs2fixes/configs/zr and rename the config files by removing .example, then configure them as desired


You can find the documentation of various Zombie:Reborn features here.

Current issues

You can find the current issues with CS2 we'd like to report to Valve here.