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SourceAudio Adobe Panel Beta

Current Version: B1

We're back! The panel has been rebuilt from the ground up. No longer is the panel a poor copy of SourceAudio. It's now actually SourceAudio with advanced features added for use inside Adobe Premiere!

We think you're going to love it™, but it is the first public release of this version of the panel, so please let us know about any issues you come across.

Disclaimer: While the repo says "beta", it's technically closer to an alpha. There will be things that might not work. If you find one, please make an issue!


  • Windows or OSX
  • Adobe Premiere CC 2017 or later
  • A SourceAudio Account
  • Experience as a SourceAudio user
    • This test is meant for people that already know how to use SourceAudio. This is not a good entry point for new users... yet.


  1. Install Adobe Premiere (preferably the newest version)
  2. Make sure Premiere is closed
  3. Download and install the ZXP Installer from
  4. Download the latest release
  5. Use the ZXP Installer to install the SourceAudioAdobePanel_BXX.zxp file. (Drag and drop is finicky, just browse select it)
  6. Start Premiere, and go to Window > Extensions > SourceAudio
  7. Profit!


  • Drag and Drop: Any time you see a track inside the panel, you can click and drag it directly into your timeline. The panel will automatically download and update the placement when it's done. You can also select multiple tracks and drag them all.
  • Download to Project: Any time you download a track from inside the panel (as opposed to drag and drop), it'll appear in your project assets.
  • Cuesheet Export: Instantly save your audio timeline into a RapidCue formatted cuesheet, complete with any metadata your tracks had entered into SourceAudio.
  • All SourceAudio Features: You're loading the actual SourceAudio site into your panel now, so anything you could do there, you can do here!


  • My panel crashed or something unexpected happened! What do I do?
    Please make an issue in this repo with as much detail as you can. If you're comfortable with this sort of thing, head to http://localhost:7778/ select the panel, and then take a screenshot of the most recent logs in there and include it in your report.
  • I have a buddy that wants to test out the panel, can I share it with them?
    Sure! Please ensure they understand this is still in the testing phase, and that they meet the requirements above.
  • Can you add my very special feature into the panel?
    Mayyyyyybe. Make an issue with your request, detailing the feature and why you think it'd be useful.
  • How will I know when a new version comes out?
    For the moment, check back here. I'll add some auto-notification from the panel itself in a future release.
  • Can I use this in production?
    I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm not your mom.


SourceAudio Adobe Panel



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