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import threading
import time
from platform import system
from subprocess import call, DEVNULL
from appJar import gui
from networktables import NetworkTablesInstance
# TODO: Get this number from config
team = 2521
class ConnectionGui:
def __init__(self, app):
app.setSize(800, 480)
app.setGuiPadding(0, 0)
app.setFont(size=64, family="Ubuntu", underline=False, slant="roman")
app.addLabel("title", "VISION SYSTEM")
app.getLabelWidget("title").config(font="Ubuntu 64 underline")
app.addLabel("radio", "RADIO: DOWN")
app.addLabel("robot", "ROBOT: DOWN")
app.addLabel("ntabl", "NTABL: DOWN")
app.getLabelWidget("radio").config(font="Ubuntu\ Mono 64 bold", bg="red")
app.getLabelWidget("robot").config(font="Ubuntu\ Mono 64 bold", bg="red")
app.getLabelWidget("ntabl").config(font="Ubuntu\ Mono 64 bold", bg="red") = app
self.radio_address = '10.{}.{}.1'.format(int(team / 100), int(team % 100))
self.robot_address = '10.{}.{}.2'.format(int(team / 100), int(team % 100))
self.nt = NetworkTablesInstance.getDefault()
self.nt.addConnectionListener(self._listener, immediateNotify=True)
def run(self):
while True:
def update(self):
radio_good = self._ping(self.radio_address)
robot_good = self._ping(self.robot_address)
ntabl_good = self.nt.isConnected(), radio_good, robot_good, ntabl_good)
def _update_gui(self, radio_good, robot_good, ntabl_good):
if radio_good and robot_good and ntabl_good:"green")
elif not radio_good and not robot_good and not ntabl_good:"red")
self._update_state("radio", radio_good)
self._update_state("robot", robot_good)
self._update_state("ntabl", ntabl_good)
def _update_state(self, element, good):, "green" if good else "red"), "{}: {}".format(element.upper(), "GOOD" if good else "DOWN"))
def _ping(self, host):
param = '-n' if system().lower() == 'windows' else '-c'
interval = '1' if system().lower() == 'windows' else '0.2'
command = ['ping', param, '3', '-W', '1', '-i', interval, host]
return call(command, stdout=DEVNULL) == 0
def _listener(self, connected, _):, "ntabl", connected)
if __name__ == "__main__":
app = gui("Vision")
interface = ConnectionGui(app)
gui_thread = threading.Thread(
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