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Welcome to the Gigwa wiki!

v2.0-RELEASE webapp is available for download on Gigwa homepage as of february 27th, 2019:

Because of modifications in the data structure, v2 is incompatible with data imported using previous versions

v2 is faster, more robust, and adds lots of new functionalities. Documentation is now embedded in the web-application

Latest version may be tested online at

Source code repository for v2:

v1.5 webapp is available as of june 30th, 2018

Gigwa v1.5 is a transitory version towards v2.0, featuring:

  • a new, user-friendly GUI that makes the application more intuitive to users and provides means to manage databases and user permissions upon them ;
  • the ability to work on two groups of individuals, which allows for more advanced filtering possibilities ;
  • a significantly improved tool for visualizing variant distribution ;
  • interoperability via implementation of REST APIs ( and ;
  • a prototype BrAPI import functionality.

Important note

From v1.5 upwards, anonymous users may only work on public databases or their own temporary data. If you install the webapp on your own server you must log in as gigwadmin (password: nimda) to manage databases and user permissions.

As a transitory version, no source code or installation bundles are provided.

Please expect v2.0 to be availabe very soon. This major release will be based on an improved data structure reducing disk space utilization when storing sparse data and increasing search speed in frequent use-cases.

Webapp may be downloaded from

v1.1 is out as of march 31st, 2017

Changes consist in:

  • Added support for integration with an external genome browser
  • Added support for PLINK (map + ped) format imports
  • Fixed consistency of re-exported AD and PL fields in the case of multiple VCF imports
  • Added Flapjack export format (fjzip extension will be fully supported by the next Flapjack release; before then, just unzip exported archives to obtain map and genotype files)
  • Various bugfixes
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