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BRECcIA Mapper

BRECcIA Mapper is a web app to collect and explore data about the relationships between researchers and their stakeholders on large-scale, multi-site research projects. This allows researchers to visually represent the relationships between project staff and stakeholders involved in the their project at different points in time. Through this it is possible to explore the extent of networks and change over time, and identify where new relationships can be developed or existing ones strengthened.

This work was funded through the "Building REsearch Capacity for sustainable water and food security In drylands of sub-saharan Africa" (BRECcIA) project which is supported by UK Research and Innovation as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund, grant number NE/P021093/1.


This project is written in Python using the popular Django framework. Deployment is managed using Ansible and Docker (, see the deploy/ for details.


  • James Graham (@jag1g13) - developer
  • Genevieve Agaba
  • Sebastian Reichel
  • Claire Bedelian
  • Eunice Shame
  • Fiona Ngarachu
  • Gertrude Domfeh
  • Henry Hunga
  • Julie Reeves


GPL-3.0 © University of Southampton