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Provendocs is a blockchain enabled document storage service built on ProvenDB.


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ProvenDocs - Create it, Own it, Prove it.

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NOTE - ProvenDocs is still very much a work in progress, please be patient with us!

More information and detailed documentation for ProvenDocs Application can be found on the ProvenDocs ReadMe.IO

More information and detailed documentation for ProvenDocs Source Code can be found here

ProvenDocs is a free to use, open source tool for putting your documents on the blockchain with ease. ProvenDocs also encourages having multiple versions of your documents and being able to easily explore these versions, each of which is immutably placed on the block chain. All of this is fully powered and supported by ProvenDB.

If you do want to assert the state of your Document at a certain point in time, ProvenDocs will also create easy to read, detailed specifications of how and when the Document was placed on the Blockchain.

ProvenDocs is publicly avaliable at

This repository exists to serve as an example of the kind of application we believe can be built on top of the powerful block chain enabled database that is ProvenDB.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

A Note on Running locally.

Unfortunately, ProvenDocs cannot currently be run natively without modifcations. This is because to create a full, secure service it has been tighly coupled with the ProvenDocs platform. However, with some modifications (detailed below) you can run your own version of ProvenDocs. If you wish to run or create an application on top of ProvenDB, we recommend using this repository as a starting point. We plan to create a more modular version of ProvenDocs in upcoming releases.


The following dependencies may work at other versions, however these are the known good versions:

  • NodeJS - (v11.10.1 or above)
  • NPM (v6.8.0 or above) or Yarn (v1.13.0 or above)

Environment Requirements

There are a number of environment variables required to run ProvenDocs on your local machine, these variables are details here.

Local Installation

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine using:

git clone

  1. WARNING - To run ProvenDocs on your local machine, you will need to replace the user authentication system in the current source code. We are working on creating a guide or modified repository to help with this.

  2. Install required Node dependencies using:

npm install or yarn install - Note: This will also patch the file2html library in the post install for compatability

  1. Make sure you have a ProvenDB instance running and accessible.

  2. Configure the required environment variables, without these variables the application will not behave as expected. Full list of environemnt variables is avaliable here.

Running ProvenDocs

  1. In the root folder of provendocs, run yarn dev (for development node) or yarn start
  2. Open chrome and navigate to localhost:3000


If you wish to contribute to ProvenDocs, there are issues listed on GitHub Issues that are good for beginners to contribute to. You can also contact us at to ask about our contribution guidelines and strategy. We plan to fully document this strategy in an upcoming release.

Support and Feedback

To get help, request features or simply to tell us what you think, please submit feedback to one of the following places:

  • For help using the application, general feedback and bug reports.
  • Github: For feature suggestions, documentation suggestions and bug reports.

All feedback on the code or open source project itself can be given as GitHub Issues, we currently have templates for

  • Questions - Ask questions and get help or advice relevant to ProvenDocs.
  • Feature Requests - Ask for new features or functionality to be added to ProvenDocs.
  • Bug Report - If you run into a bug in the product, please let us know right away so we can fix it!

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Copyright (c) SouthbankSoftware. All Rights reserved. Licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license.


Provendocs is a blockchain enabled document storage service built on ProvenDB.







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