Pawn compiler for SA-MP with bug fixes and new features - runs on Windows, Linux, macOS
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Original readme

What is this?

This is a modified copy of the Pawn compiler version 3.2.3664 by Compuphase that fixes some bugs and adds a few features.

This project was originally maintained and managed by Zeex who left the project due to lack of time on 2017-12-31. Thank you for all your hard work on keeping this project alive Zeex!

The project is now maintained by me (Southclaws). I will likely just handle pull-requests from contributors and busywork such as maintaining the CI, releases and general housework. I may contribute code in the future but for now, I'm just acting as an active manager of the repository.

List of changes

See Known compiler bugs for the list of fixed bugs and What's new for the list of features and other notable changes.

Release notes descibe changes in each version of the compiler.


Binary packages can be downloads from Releases.

You can also get the latest development binaries for Windows on AppVeyor. This archive is built automatically on every Git commit and can be pretty unstable, so use at your own risk.

Installation on Windows

Download the ZIP archive and extract pawnc.dll, pawncc.exe, pawndisasmsm.exe to your pawno directory or another directory of your choice if you're using a different editor.

Installation on openSUSE/SLES

There is an installation package available for openSUSE/SLES users so that you can easily install the compiler on your distribution. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. On the right side, select your distribution (only if it's not disabled!)
  3. Click "Go to download repository"
  4. Copy the link and enter in sudo mode in your shell: zypper ar $COPIED_LINK home:mschnitzer
  5. Again as root, type: zypper ref
  6. Install the package with zypper in pawncc
  7. Run pawncc in your shell to test if it's working

Building from source code

In general you will need CMake and a C compiller to build Pawn from source code.

Building on Windows

  • Clone this repo: git clone C:\pawn (you can use another directory instead of C:\Pawn, but make sure the path doesn't have spaces).

  • Install Visual Studio Community, it's free.

  • Install CMake.

    When installing make sure to check "Add CMake to system PATH" to make your life easier.

  • Generate a Visual Studio project.

    In Command promprt or Powershell execute the following:

    cd C:\Pawn
    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake ..\source\compiler -G "Visual Studio 15 2017"
  • From the same directory as in the previous step run:

    cmake --build . --config Release

    or open the pawnc.sln in Visual Studio and build from there (but make sure to choose the "Release" configuration).

    This will create pawnc.dll and pawncc.exe in the Release folder. You can now copy these files to your pawno folder for convenience or put them in a separate folder and configure your code editor accordingly.

Building on Linux

Use your distribution's package manager to install the required dependencies. For example, in Ubuntu you would do:

sudo apt install gcc gcc-multilib make cmake

gcc-multilib is needed for compiling a 32-bit binary (64-bit is not supported).

Now you can clone this repo and build the compiler:

git clone ~/pawn
cd ~/pawn
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../source/compiler -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-m32 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Replace "Release" with "Debug" if you want to build a debug executable for development or submitting bugs.

Building on macOS

xcode-select --install
  • Install CMake:
brew install cmake
  • Now you can clone this repo and build the compiler:
git clone ~/pawn
cd ~/pawn
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../source/compiler -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-m32 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release


The project was originally started as a set of patches aimed to create a compiler that would be compatible with the compiler used in SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer).

SA-MP uses a modified version of Pawn 3.2.3664 [1] with Windows-only executables, and the developers said that they lost the source code for it which means it can't be ported to other platforms (e.g. Linux) and newly discovered bugs can't be fixed. So the main goal of the project is to re-create changes that were previously made by the devs as well as fix all known compiler bugs.

[1] It's worth noting that the version of the AMX embedded into the SA-MP server seems to be based on an older release of Pawn.