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Right now, there is no installer so you have to build the code and do some manual setup. You will need Visual Studio.NET 2015 or Microsoft Build Tools 2015 installed as the application uses some C# 6.0 features. You will need .NET Framework installed for the application to work.

To setup:

  • Install psake globally. The easiest way to do this is with chocolatey:
choco install psake
  • Build it
cd [source root directory]
  • Modify RabbitOperations.Collector.Exe.config to set ports for RavenDB and the web as needed
  • Run from the Powershell by starting the executable from the command line OR install as a service. The basics are shown below. You'll need to open Powershell as admin. For more information on the command line, see the TopShelf documentation
rabbitoperations.collector.exe install
  • Go to http://localhost:[port where default is 8081 unless you modified the config], go to the RabbitOperations database and edit the document with ID "ConfigurationDocuments/1" with your Rabbit connection information
  • Restart the executable or service