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Exodus Data Management Service

Exodus Data Management by Soverance Studios is a Windows Service built with .NET and PowerShell, designed to automate data redundancy and backups within enterprise network environments.

Major Features

  • Hyper-V Cluster Backup to network shares
  • File Share mirroring with RoboCopy


All documentation has been moved to the wiki: Exodus Documentation

The Exodus project was born from my desire to have what I call a "one-touch ad-hoc" backup process of all our critical data at Soverance Studios. This project would have to meet the following requirements:

  • Designed for Small Business - I wanted it to be familiar to install and manage in a Microsoft-based corporate domain network
  • Easy to use - I wanted the backup process to be fully automated and require little effort; "starting at the press of a button".
  • Full scope - I wanted the backup process to encompass the complete environment of the average small business, and all of the critical data contained within.
  • Free and secure - I wanted the backup process to utilize native, built-in methods for moving data around the network in order to minimize cost, improve security, and reduce dependencies on third parties.
  • Open source - I wanted the software to be open source, in order to provide transparancy, security, and community involvement.

Please feel free to suggest feature updates, improvements, or even submit pull requests!


Exodus Data Management Service




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