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Discourage fee sniping with nLockTime
Limited drop of difficulty per block
Minimum age replaced with Minimum confirmations
Reward and Min Conf Blocks Changed
nTargetSpacing replaced with Static Const TARGET_SPACING
Ignore getaddr messages on Outbound connections
Increase Stake Split Threshold
Correctly randomize change output position
Fix static build with miniupnpc >= 1.9.723465822
Fix for building with Boost 1.62
Fix boost::get usage with Boost 1.62 in rpcrawtransaction.cpp
Fix issue where getrawtransaction RPC call does not work
Fix issue on open orders tab of the trading page
Decentralized checkpoints from PosV3
PosV3 Modifier
DNSSeed Thread Fix
Scale up addrman
Sync fixes, CPU use, Darksend fixes
Fix twice denominatedBalance calculations in qt/overviewpage.cpp
Fix payee selectoin on CMasternodePayments::ProcessBlock
Fix priority calculation in CreateTransaction
Fixed mnw message issue
fix pubkey/donation conditions
Fixed blinding submission process
increasing ss timeouts
fixed dsee sync
fixed Masternode payments FindOldestNotInVec
Disabled masternode blinding / increased rounds defaults
Explicitly grab each piece of data from memory for hashing in CMasternode::CalculateScore