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The mini-game is an imbalanced melee in between Zerg ans Prottoss. The goal is to exploit sentry forcefield function

Initial State

  • 2 Sentry at left playable size
  • 3 Hydralysks at right playable size
  • 2 Zerlings at right playable size


Protoss defeated : -10 Zerg defeated : +10

End Conditions

Time elapsed Zerg defeated Time Limit

180 seconds

Additional Notes

Terrain condition designed for forcefield game development Fog of war disabled No camera movement required (single-screen) Note that this map is under development and should be re-sized for balance Please note this work is still under development. If you find any relevant comment or issue feel free to open an issue

Sentry Agent mini-game Map exploration for Forcefield map

This part of the repository aims to post several agents regarding functions of sentry unit. SentryDefense.py --contains all the actions for sentrydefense unit scripted_agent.py --contains tests for Forcefield Starcraft 2 map

Sentry unit scripted bot running

--Clone the repo

--Put ForceField.sc2 map into your minigames map folder

--Go to pysc2/maps/mini_games.py and add ForceField map to the array map

--In the /pysc2/agents/ folder type

$ python3 -m pysc2.bin.agent --agent scripted_agent.SentryForceField --map ForceField