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Crossmap tool

The purprose of this project is to create a crossmap between two checklists.


First list should come as a comma-separated file with follosing fields:

  • TaxonId (the local ID of the name to which results will refer. Required.)
  • A minimum of one rank (using any of the terms on as headers)
  • ScientificNameAuthorship (optional)

Usage from a command line:

crossmap checklist_file output_file


The output fomat returns 7 possible types of matches:

  1. Exact match - The exact name was matched (but ignoring non-ascii characters)
  2. Exact match by canonical form of a name - The canonical form of the name (a version of a scientific name that contains complete versions of the latin words, but lacks insertions of subtaxa, annotations, or authority information) was matched
  3. Fuzzy match by canonical form - The canonical form gave a fuzzy (detecting lexical or spelling variations of a name using Tony Rees' algorithm TAXAMATCH) match
  4. Partial exact match by species part of canonical form - The canonical form returned a partial but exact match
  5. Partial fuzzy match by species part of canonical form - The canonical form returned a partial, fuzzy match
  6. Exact match by genus part of a canonical form - The genus part of the canonical form of the species name returned an exact match
  7. [Blank] - No match