Star Data Visualisation using Audio and Video [Open Data Challenge -- Kepler]
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Kepler Visualizer

Kepler Visualizer aims to visualize the data gathered by Kepler mission in 
multiple presentation forms. It uses Arduino to visualize Kepler data and 
present it in an audio-visual form (LED lights and complementing sound) to 
aid us to visualize the changing star intensity.

The objective is to enable school children understand how kepler data is 
used to find extrasolar planets.

Project has two parts, a python program which runs on pc and a arduino
program which runs on arduino.

For python program, PyFITS library is required and can be obtained from

On ubuntu you can install PyFITS as follows.
$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ sudo pip install pyfits

Upload the arduino program to the arduino using arduino IDE. Make connections
as commented in arduino code.

$ cd Exoplanet-Arudino/src
$ python