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HackerSpace Status API - rel0.13-rc1

This document and any discussion relating to it is maintained at the SpaceApi github repository.

The HackerSpace Status API proposes a unified syntax to publish information about a hackerspace for consumption by javascript widgets, mobile apps and other scripts or programs. The API is flexible, and allows for custom extensions.

The API is based on JSON, and defines the properties of the space status JSON object. In this specification, some fields are mandatory, whereas others are optional. A hackerspace implementing this API should at least provide the mandatory fields.

A spacestate json endpoint can be checked for validity against this specification by using Slopjong's spaceapi validator.

Receivers of the object must be able to parse all mandatory fields, and may interpret the optional fields. The receiver may also choose to ignore optional fields.

In addition to the fields defined below, a publisher is free to add any custom fields. It is recommended to start the field-names of custom fields with the string 'ext_', to make it clear the field is not part of the documented API. Consumers are not obligated to interpret any custom fields.

Hosting considerations

In order to be able to retrieve the object from within a javascript sandbox, the server of the JSON object should set the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header with a value of '*'. Additionally, it might be beneficial to add a 'Cache-Control' header with a value of 'no-cache', to prevent browser caches from retaining old data.

Implementors of this specification may provide a discovery tag on the main page of their website, as such:

<link rel="space-api" href="" />

Spaces implementing this specification should by default provide the json string as the file /status.json in the root of their main website. For example: If a discovery tag is present, this overrides the default location specified in this paragraph.

Space directory

The space status directory can be found on:

To be included in this directory, please email the author of this document with your URL.

Status object

The JSON object has these fields:

  • api (string, mandatory) - '0.12'
  • space (string, mandatory) - name of the hackerspace;
  • logo (string, mandatory) - url to a png, jpg or gif image;
  • icon (array, mandatory) - provides url's to 2 icons to use to depict 'open' and 'closed' status:
    • open (string, mandatory): url to a square png file with a max resolution of 100x100 pixels;
    • closed (string, mandatory): url to a square png file with a max resolution of 100x100 pixels;
  • url (string, mandatory) - url to the hackerspace homepage;
  • address (string, optional) - visiting address;
  • contact (object, optional) - has the following subfields:
    • phone (string, optional) - phone number (in the form of +CCNNNNNNNNN, where CC is the countrycode);
    • sip (string, optional) - sip uri (eg. ''
    • keymaster (string or array of strings, optional) - phone number, or phone numbers of people able to open the space (for spaces where not all members can unlock the door
    • irc (string, optional) - irc channel in the form of 'irc://freenode/#revspace';
    • twitter (string, optional) - twitter account in the form of '@brenno';
    • facebook (string, optional) - facebook account in the form of 'example', would format to '' when url-ized;
    • email (string, optional) - general email address;
    • ml (string, optional) - public mailing list address;
    • jabber (string, optional) - jabber chatbox;
    • .... - additional fields may be added if needed (but please let the author know, so it can be added to the spec in order to achieve consistency across implementations).
  • lat (float, optional) - latitude
  • lon (float, optional) - longitude
  • cam (array of strings, optional) - webcam url(s);
  • stream (array, optional) - object indexed by stream type with url to stream as value (eg { 'mp4':'http\/\/etc...','mjpg':'....'})
  • open (boolean, mandatory) - 'true' if the space is currently open, 'false' if not;
  • status (string, optional) - additional free-form string to specify the 'open' status (ie, 'open for public', 'members only', ...)
  • lastchange (long int, optional) - seconds since epoch of last change in the open field;
  • events (array, optional) - array of recent check-in/check-outs or other relevant events the space wants to share (such as the fire-alarm).
    • Each entry in the events array has the following fields:
      • name (string, mandatory) - name or nickname of person or object associated with this event;
      • type (string, mandatory) - 'check-in' or 'check-out' (other values may be specified, but receivers of the object are not obligated to be able to understand these)
      • t (long int, mandatory) - time since the epoch for this event
      • extra (string, optional) - additional information
  • sensors (array of arrays, optional) - indexed by sensor type, where the following types have been defined explicitly:
    • temp (array of strings) - strings indexed by a mnemonic identifier, the string value should match the regular expression ^[-+]?[0-9]+(.[0-9]+)?[FCK]$
    • additional sensor types may be defined by the implementor, implementor is requested to share the definition for inclusion in this specification
  • feeds (array of objects, optional) - one or more feeds (rss, atom, ical, ..), where each entry has the following fields:
    • name (string, mandatory) - mnemonic identifier (blog, news, calendar, ...)
    • type (string, optional) - mime-type of the feed (implementors should not rely on auto-detection of their feed type and are advised to provide this optional field)
    • url (string, mandatory) - url to the feed content

An example (and fictional) JSON object implementing all of the above mandatory fields and a number of optional fields:

  "address":"Binckhorstlaan 172, 2595 BT Den Haag, The Netherlands",




  • added validator
  • add lat/lon floats to example
  • add link to new git location



  • added 'icon' field


  • added structured 'contact' field
  • moved phone no to 'contact' object


  • add api version field (Stitch)
  • add optional status specification (Toba)
  • add implementation list (gmc)
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