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#42 update spec to include facebook. will make pull request.

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1 parent cab847c commit e99325c57fd4cf53ddc8348032341d58e3fb6527 @eastein eastein committed Jan 14, 2013
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@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ The JSON object has these fields:
* keymaster (string or array of strings, optional) - phone number, or phone numbers of people able to open the space (for spaces where not all members can unlock the door
* irc (string, optional) - irc channel in the form of 'irc://freenode/#revspace';
* twitter (string, optional) - twitter account in the form of '@brenno';
+ * facebook (string, optional) - facebook account in the form of 'example', would format to '' when url-ized;
* email (string, optional) - general email address;
* ml (string, optional) - public mailing list address;
* jabber (string, optional) - jabber chatbox;

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