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SpaceAPI Endpoint Hosting

This repository contains all the files of the website of

There are two ways how to get the project alive. If you have VirtualBox and Vagrant installed you can do everything automatically, otherwise you have to build the project on your own but you need php, nodejs, npm, grunt and bower already installed.

After cloning the repo recursively and changing to the project root directory execute either

vagrant up

or the following commands if you prefer to do things yourself.

php composer.phar self-update
php composer.phar install
npm install
grunt bower

Now all the dependencies are installed. In the last step you need to compile the sass code.

Run either

grunt build

for just compiling it and

grunt watch

to listen for changes during the development. The css files are automatically output to public/styles.

Running the VM

git clone
cd endpoint-hosting
vagrant up
firefox http://localhost:8090

The domain will be changed to in the near future.

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