Adds runtime bundler to Meteor
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Runtime Build Status

This package add runtime dynamic bundling to Meteor,

##Usage The runtime packages can be created from packages or from an app

Runtime.package Parametres:

  • Assets - Requires the current Assets object - this is scoped pr. app and package so the bundler needs to be passed a handle. It's used to load js and css assets into a runtime bundle.
  • packageHandler - Requires a function to get the wanted runtime bundle.
  • where - Optional, set the bundles where you want to allow use of the packageHandler - fallsback to "after" if not set.


	// Add file from assets
	Runtime.package(Assets, function(api) {
	  // The api object:
	  // api.query - The parent parametres can be passed on
	  // api.userAgent
	  // If user added Andrew's useragent package then the following will be available:
	  // api.browser
	  // api.os { family, major, minor, patch}
	  // api.device
	  // For adding file dependencies:
	  // api.addFile(filename, [where])
	  // where is optional, if not set then included in all package bundles
	  // 'before', 'after', 'lazy' or 'customName' (two last would require manual loading / lazyloading)
	  api.addFile('test.js', 'before');

	}, ['before', 'after']);

If you install the useragent package by @awwx/Andrew this package will automaticly use it for parsing the api.userAgent

Another example:

	// Set the platform `?platform=ios` on the Meteor remote url in cordova
	// and get served platform specific javascript
	Runtime.package(Assets, function(api) {
		if (api.query.platform === 'ios') {
			api.addFile('cordova.ios.js', 'after');
		if (api.query.platform === 'android') {
			api.addFile('', 'after');
	}, ['after']);

Maybe serve some specific css style layout pr. platform, the platform could be set to a more uniq value eg. ?token=iosXFd3dfsSXfD3dS if sending api keys to cordova

Contributions are wellcome, Regz. RaiX, aka Morten