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defmodule Crux.Cache.User do
@moduledoc """
Default `Crux.Structs.User` cache.
Difference opposed to "regular" base caches.
- Has `me/0`, `me!/0` and `me/1` functions to specify or retrieve the own user.
use Crux.Cache.Base, struct: Crux.Structs.User
@doc """
Fetches the own user.
@spec me() :: {:ok, Crux.Structs.User.t()} | :error
def me, do: @name |> |> fetch()
@doc """
Sets the id of the own user, the data itself has to be inserted into the cache like usual.
@spec me(id :: integer()) :: integer()
def me(id), do:, {:me, id})
@doc """
Fetches the own user, raises if not cached.
@spec me!() :: Crux.Structs.User.t() | no_return()
def me!, do: @name |> |> fetch!()
@doc false
@impl true
def handle_call(:me, _from, %{me: id} = state), do: {:reply, id, state}
def handle_call(:me, _from, state), do: {:reply, :error, state}
def handle_call({:me, id}, _from, state), do: {:reply, id, Map.put(state, :me, id)}
def handle_call(message, from, state), do: super(message, from, state)
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