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# dark_powered.toml --- dark powered configuration example for SpaceVim
# Copyright (c) 2016-2023 Wang Shidong & Contributors
# Author: Wang Shidong < >
# URL:
# License: GPLv3
# All SpaceVim option below [option] section
# set spacevim theme. by default colorscheme layer is not loaded,
# if you want to use more colorscheme, please load the colorscheme
# layer
colorscheme = "gruvbox"
colorscheme_bg = "dark"
# Disable guicolors in basic mode, many terminal do not support 24bit
# true colors
enable_guicolors = true
# Disable statusline separator, if you want to use other value, please
# install nerd fonts
statusline_separator = "arrow"
statusline_iseparator = "arrow"
buffer_index_type = 4
enable_tabline_filetype_icon = true
enable_statusline_mode = false
# Enable autocomplete layer
name = 'autocomplete'
auto_completion_return_key_behavior = "complete"
auto_completion_tab_key_behavior = "smart"
name = 'shell'
default_position = 'top'
default_height = 30