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A starter repo for custom chef recipes on EY's cloud platform. These are for reference, and do not indicate a supported status.
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This is a repository of some basic recipes for EY-Cloud using chef to deploy, setup, and configure common tools for Rails applications.


Follow these steps to use custom deployment recipes with your applications.

  • Install the engineyard gem: $ gem install engineyard
  • Add any custom recipes or tweaks to your copy of these recipes.
  • Upload them with: ey recipes upload -e ENV, where ENV is the name of your environment in Engine Yard Cloud. This may be different than your Rails environment name.
  • Once you have completed these steps, each rebuild will run the your recipes after the default Engine Yard recipes have run. When you update your recipes, just re-run ey recipes upload -e ENV.

Continuous Integration

Build Status

Spacecast Server

Certain environment variables need to live inside of cookbooks/figaro/templates/default/application.yml.erb. This is ignored by git, because it contains sensitive environment variable data.

This is identical to spacecast_server's config/application.yml file. Make sure it is up to date before uploading recipes.

If ey-cloud-recipes and spacecast_server are in the same directory, you could run:

$ cp ../spacecast_server/config/application.yml cookbooks/figaro/templates/default/application.yml.erb
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