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A Spacebrew implementation for Cinder 0.9.0

Spacebrew is a service and toolkit for choreographing interactive spaces.


  • ciSpacebrew requires the Cinder-WebSocketPP block (com.wk.websocketpp) Latest commit at time of writing is e89368be757550fa1a10b9611345d79a008e7766
  • If you create a project via TinderBox, it will automatically include the proper libraries and paths into your Cinder project.


  • First include the header file #include "ciSpacebrew.h"

  • Create a ConnectionRef to start a spacebrew session. By default this will connect automatically to the Spacebrew Cloud ( on port 9000). This is fine for prototyping, but you should set up your own instance for any production work.

     Spacebrew::ConnectionRef spacebrew = Spacebrew::Connection::create();
  • Optionally use a custom constructor to connect to your own instance

    Spacebrew::ConnectionRef spacebrew = Spacebrew::Connection::create("localhost", 8080, "My Spacebrew app", "An app to test out the functionality of Spacebrew!");
  • Add publishers and subscribers to talk to other apps

     spacebrew->addPublish("button", Spacebrew::TYPE_BOOLEAN);
     spacebrew->addSubscribe("message", Spacebrew::TYPE_STRING);
  • Listen for messages and/or send some out!

     spacebrew->addListener( [](const Spacebrew::Message &m){
     	console() << "We got a message! " << m.getName() << endl;
     }, this);
     spacebrew->send("button", Spacebrew::TYPE_BOOLEAN, true);

-- Check out for more info.


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