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An command line application for generating gitignores, in rust using reqwest and
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An command line application for generating gitignores, in written in pure rust using and the API.


Download a pre-built binary for your platform (if one is available) from the Releases page of this repository.

You can also build it from source code. You will need Rust to build it, which you can install here. If this build is passing, this application has been tested on the stable, beta, and nightly channels on linux, macos, and windows. Check the badge at the top of the readme.

You can download the source code from the Releases page (or clone the repository)

To run rust-gi, use

cargo run <PARAMETERS>

where <PARAMETERS> is a space separated list of the gitignore templates you want to use.

To just build, use

cargo build


cargo build --release

You can then copy the executable (named gi) to any folder on your PATH from the directory target/debug/ or target/release depending on your build. You can then globally use the gi command (replace cargo run with gi in the above examples)

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