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The Spaciblō project builds hosting tools for browser based, social, 3D spaces.

Our goal is to make web based VR tools as easy to install and maintain as blogging tools like WordPress.

If you're new to Spaciblō, check out our handy Frequently Asked Questions page where you will find out what the heck this is and how to start playing with it. (It's neat, we promise!)

If you just want to dive into the code, go directly to the spaciblo-core repository.

What we mean by browser based, social, and 3D

Browser based

We use web browsers, standards, and technologies to create, host, and manage spaces accessed by handsets, headsets, and laptops.


Spaces are coordinated by server-based simulators so that multiple people can inhabit spaces.


We use 3D spaces to explore the new possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Why build this?

We have a few working theses about how virtual and augmented reality will shift from interesting, but little used to something blended into our daily lives. The browser writers are actively working on the front end technologies but there are many missing pieces on the back end that we need to build before web spaces are as easy to deploy as a WordPress blog.

What can I do to help?

This project was originally created in 2010 and used older technologies like WebGL 1.0 and Django. We created a new framework using 2017+ technologies to implement the original ideas of Spaciblō. That work lives in the spaciblo-core repository.

If you would like to get your hands dirty building the future of mixed reality, contact Trevor via email ( or Twitter (@TrevorFSmith).

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