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TModMaker by SpaghettiLord1010

Made by SpaghettiLord1010 - application to create simple Terraria mods very quickly. (TModLoader needs to be installed!)

This Program is no being actively developed anymore and has been archived, feel free to fork your own copy to improve.

This program aims to help you create mods very fast, first you will need to create a skeletton for your mod on this site:

Upon opening the executable you see a button for selecting the work directory - this is the directory where the files build.txt and so on are positioned. Now you can easily edit and fill out all the needed fields. When you are finished filling out the information you need to refresh and check if all is correct - if this is the case you can click the button to create your modfile. You do not need to worry about where to put something or whatever, the files you need are positioned correctly and everything should be working fine.

You will now need to move the entire Mod-Folder into this directory:

C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources

The folder might not exist yet, if that is the case, simply create it. Now you can open up TerrariaModLoader and you will note a new menu point: "Mod Sources" click there and in this folder there should be your mod! Click on the button: Build and Refresh and your mod should be good to go!

I hope you have a fun time creating mods with this application, maybe I will work on it further to add town-NPCs or enemies but for now, a item-creator is better than nothing. There might be some little mistakes sometimes, but overall it was tested very well - it should work well!

  • Finish ItemCreation
  • Finish Advanced ItemCreation options (heal, mana regeneration, buffing/debuffing)
  • Finish NPC-Creation
  • Finish Enemy-Creation

The Item Creator is capable of doing:

Can Do Ranged Weapon Magic Weapon Melee Weapon
Using ammunition Yes Yes (Only when not using Mana!) Yes
Using mana Yes Yes Yes
Shooting projectiles Yes Yes Yes
Healing No No No
Mana Regeneration No No No
Adding Buffs/Debuffs No No No

All credits for the databases used in this application are provided by under the license. Data from the wiki were altered to work with the application!

To the person that might be reading this somewhen in the future:

I want to thank you for choosing my project for reading through. It is an honor to be an example of how "old code" was written, you maybe have fancy new ways to code, but this is what my life is, coding in the 21st century. Please see my code as an idea on how some people might think very different from each other. I think in your time it will still be very important to learn the hard lesson of "Failure is a part of success". Always keep this in mind. Please excuse any spelling mistakes. I really am gratefull that you are viewing this and maybe analysing it or whatever, it fills me with joy, knowing that a part of my life still is relevant in the future - of course I'm speaking about GitHubs project to store all public repositries in the arctic. I want you to know how I felt when coding this, it filled me with joy, learning, experiencing, thinking outside of the box. I want you to have this exact feeling of joy when analysing this code. The thought is an incredible one and I wish you all the best for your future, and the one last thing I want to tell you "Do never, ever discard any idea of yours, only because someone tells you it it stupid or impractical, do whatever you want, in the way you imagined it, make it different, make it simply yours." Thank you. Phillipp Hutterer 2019


Made by SpaghettiLord1010 - application to create simple Terraria mods very quickly.







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