A Career Roadmap For Newbie & Jr Web Developers
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A Click Through Career Roadmap that Asks Users About Work Style Prefferences to Help Them Determine a Career Focus.

http://hacktheirl.com/ -- NOVEMBER 2 - NOVEMBER 4, 2018

MVP Features:

  • A Click Through Career Roadmap.
  • Save Roadmap As Linkable Page (DevGains.com/[UserName]/)
  • Export RoadMap As HTML Page for use on a Personal Website (Page Generated By DevGains.com).

Information Architecture

+ /challenges
  + Display Challenges Page
+ /resources
  + Display Resources Page
+ /career-roadmaps/
  + Start Question Series
    + /front-end/
      + Startup (Vue.js -- Flexbox, CSS Grid, JS - ES5 & ES6)
      + Mid Size (React.js -- Flexbox, CSS Grid, JS - ES5 & ES6)
      + Cororate (Angular.js, Type Script -- Flexbox, CSS Grid, JS - ES5 & ES6)
    + /back-end/
      + Startup (Ruby/Django/Node/Go)
      + Mid Size (PHP, C#)
      + Cororate (C#, Java)
    + /design-UX/
      + User Surveys, Buyer Personas, Buyer Journeys, Color Psychology, UI Design Best Practices
    + /technical-UX/
      + User Surveys, Site speed, Indexability, SEO

Resources Page



Stock photos that don’t suck




User Profile Images


Graphics && Icons

https://graphicburger.com/ https://undraw.co/ https://thenounproject.com/ https://iconmonstr.com/ https://icomoon.io/

CSS Amimations


Front-end Boiler Plate

https://startbootstrap.com/ https://bootsnipp.com/

Challenges Page




User Questions

Survey Results 30 Devs Polled

  • How have you primarily learned web development?
    • Self-taught
    • College / University
    • Code bootcamp
  • What would you like help with?
    • Resume reviews
    • How do build your personal brand / network
    • Code reviews
    • Mock interviews (personality & culture)
    • Mock tech interviews (solving coding challenges)
    • Problem solving skills
    • Project & time management skills
    • Social strategies, charisma & soft-skills
  • Would you be interested in an internship?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Would you be interested in online hackathons?
    • Yes
    • No
  • How do you learn best?
    • A small interactive online instructor led course..
    • 1 on 1 interactive teaching with an expert.
    • Self taught.
  • What team size do you think you'd enjoy most?
    • Solo - Work by myself.
    • Small team - Work with an intimate team.
    • Large team - Work with many people from different backgrounds.
  • What work pace do you think you'd enjoy most?
    • Fast paced
    • Laid back
  • Would you work at a company that pair programs?
    • No
    • Yes
  • What career paths interest you?
    • Databases (Structuring data & efficiency)
    • Statistical analysis (Data analysis & pattern recognition)
    • Front-end (User interfaces & website layout logic)
    • Backend (Developer interfaces & logic)
    • Design (Imagining creative eye catching user interfaces)
    • User Psychology (Using empathy and research to make products user friendly)
    • Team management (Mentoring & helping others focus on growth)
    • Co-founder (Many roles, long hours & high risk)
  • When do you plan to start applying for developer jobs?
    • Less than 6 months
    • More then 6 months
    • I'm not sure
  • Are you willing to relocate across country for a job?
    • Yes
    • No
  • What is your MBTI personality type? (https://www.16personalities.com)
  • How else can we help?