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Ruby 1.9 compatible fork of ruby-gd, the C binding to the GD graphics library.
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= Ruby/GD 0.7.4

An extension library to use Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library from
Ruby.  You can create PNG, GIF or JPEG images with your Ruby script.

Ruby/GD requires gd library with PNG support(i.e. the version 1.6 or
later). See 'doc/INSTALL.en' for detail.

The latest version is available from:

Ruby/GD is formerly known as "GD", originally written and maintained
by Yukihiro "matz" Matsumoto ( From this release
of 0.7.0, Ruby/GD is maintained by Ryuichi Tamura (

== Changes from the version 0.7.4

* restored GIF I/O, provided by the gd-2.0.28 or later.

== Changes from the version 0.6.2

* GIF I/O are no longer supported. You can use PNG I/O instead.
* Support for API provided by the newest version of gd (gd-1.8.4). 

== Contents

readme.en            this file
readme.ja            Japanese version of this file
extconf.rb           ruby script generating Makefile for this extension library
GD.c                 source file

doc/INSTALL.en       how to install (in English)
doc/INSTALL.ja       how to install (in Japanese)
doc/manual.rd        Reference manual written with RD format
doc/manual.html      manual converted into HTML

sample/example.rb    sample script to show the basic usage of Ruby/GD library
sample/gdtestttf.rb  translated Ruby script from gdtestttf.c
sample/gdtestttf.png ./gdtestttf.rb > gdtestttf.png
sample/webpng.rb     translated Ruby script from webpng.c

== Install

see 'doc/INSTALL.en'

== Reference

see 'doc/manual.html'

== Licence

Ruby Library Licence

== Maintainer

Ryuichi Tamura (

Bug reports, comments, suggestions to this maintainer are welcome, but
ruby-talk mailing list would be the best place for discussion :-).
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