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The TracSSO plugin enables SSO support for trac.


  • From a checkout of the project run:

    $ python bdist_egg

  • Copy the generated egg to the plugin directory of your trac project:

    $ cp dist/TracSSO-*.egg {trac-location}/plugins/.

  • Restart trac

The plug-in adds support for Discourse SSO to Trac. To configure the add to your Trac configuration file the shared secret and redirect url. For example:

sso_secret = thisisatestsecret
sso_redirect =

And grant the SSO_LOGIN permission to any users/groups of users you want to.

To configure multiple SSO endpoints simply pre-prepend a different endpoint to your configurations. The default one is sso. For example to configure the /sso2 endpoint:

sso2.sso_secret = othertestsecret
sso2.sso_redirect =
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