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Known Issues
Known Issues
A list of known issues and available solutions or workarounds

Env Injector - x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Issue: Trying to inject secrets into a application running on a container without CA certificates will fail with an error like below:

level=fatal msg="env-injector: failed to read secret 'test', error azure.BearerAuthorizer#WithAuthorization: Failed to refresh the Token for request to StatusCode=0 -- Original Error: adal: Failed to execute the refresh request. Error = 'Post x509: certificate signed by unknown authority'"

Doing HTTPS calls without CA certificates will make it impossible for the client to validate if a TLS certificate is signed by a trusted CA.

Solution: Make sure CA certificates are installed in the Docker image used by the container you are trying to inject env vars into (eg. apt-get install -y ca-certificates)

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