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A set of commands to create all prerequisite resources needed to complete tutorials

Below are a set of common prerequisites for all the tutorials.

Azure Resources

Below are a set of Azure CLI commands to create necessary Azure resources.

Azure Resource Group:

az group create -l westeurope -n akv2k8s-test

Azure Key Vault:

az keyvault create -n akv2k8s-test -g akv2k8s-test

Add Secret to Azure Key Vault:

az keyvault secret set --vault-name akv2k8s-test --name my-secret --value "My super secret"

Authorize Access to Secrets:

az keyvault set-policy --n  akv2k8s-test --spn <spn for akv2k8s> --secret-permissions get 

Kubernetes Resources

Create namespace:

# namespace.yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
  name: akv-test
    azure-key-vault-env-injection: enabled

Apply configuration:

kubectl apply -f namespace.yaml

The Env Injector is developed using a Mutating Admission Webhook that triggers just before every Pod gets created. To allow cluster administrators some control over which Pods this Webhook gets triggered for, it must be enabled per namespace using the azure-key-vault-env-injection label.

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