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Azure Key Vault Controller

This chart will install a Kubernetes controller and a Custom Resource Definition (AzureKeyVaultSecret), that together enable secrets from Azure Key Vault to be stored as Kubernetes native Secret resources.

For more information see the main GitHub repository at

Note about installing both Azure Key Vault Controller AND Azure Key Vault Env Injector

If installing both the Controller and the Env Injector, they share the same Custom Resource Definition (CRD), so only one of them can install it. Set installCrd to false for either this Chart or the Env Injector Chart.

Installing the Chart

helm repo add spv-charts
helm repo update
helm install spv-charts/azure-key-vault-controller

Installation of both Controller and env-injector

helm install spv-charts/azure-key-vault-controller \
  --set installCrd=false

helm install spv-charts/azure-key-vault-env-injector

Using custom authentication

helm install spv-charts/azure-key-vault-env-injector \
  --set keyVault.customAuth.enabled=true \
  --set env.AZURE_TENANT_ID=... \
  --set env.AZURE_CLIENT_ID=... \
  --set env.AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET=...


The following table lists configurable parameters of the azure-key-vault-controller chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
env aditional env vars to send to pod {}
image.repository image repo that contains the controller image spvest/azure-keyvault-controller
image.tag image tag 0.1.15
installCrd install custom resource definition true
keyVault.customAuth.enabled if custom auth is enabled false
keyVault.customAuth.podIdentitySelector if using aad-pod-identity, which selector to reference ""
keyVault.polling.normalInterval interval to wait before polling azure key vault for secret updates 1m
keyVault.polling.failureInterval interval to wait when polling has failed failureAttempts before polling azure key vault for secret updates 5m
keyVault.polling.failureAttempts number of times to allow secret updates to fail before applying failureInterval 5
logLevel log level info
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