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SparkBase staging repository


SparkBase is building a specialized multiservice platform for the serious investor with new sets of innovative cryptocurrency tools. The SparkBase platform provides a new approach to sound decision making in highly volatile trading environments. With its BASE coin-powered engine and machine learning AI-capabilities the SparkBase platform functions as the ideal work space for the savvy cryptocurrency investor while protecting data privacy.

Successful crypto trading means making precise and timely decisions. The key to effective portfolio management is correlating your investments with personal objectives, keeping track, continuously optimizing and consistently moving forward with improved strategies.

Manage & Track Your Portfolio

Discover, track, and manage your cryptocurrency assets with a clear overview of your portfolio including all standard features (profit/loss, trends, trading pairs, performance).

Create Watchlists with Alerts

Monitor your coin picks. Custom price alerts notify you when a target price has been reached. News keep you updated on continuous developments.

Connect with Wallets & Exchanges

Simply connect your portfolio with your go to exchanges and wallets. All transactions, airdrops as well as exchange fees will be tracked automatically at a glance.

The right asset allocation based on objective scoring, intelligent rebalancing and the use of AI-based investment assistance helps you to weigh your portfolio, create appropriate diversification and maximize your resources. Use individual strategies for individual holdings.

Pick Coins based on Valuation

A detailed and unbiased rating based on various requirements of all supported coins informs you on the fundamental quality standard of the cryptocurrency asset.

Assess & Rebalance Your Investments

SparkBase offers a detailed assessment of and recommendations for your asset diversification, source, location, most used exchanges, trades and investment status.

Use Predictive Trading Algorithms

Market, Technical & Social Indicators combined equal SparkDetection, self-learning AI for data-driven investments with ever-increasing accuracy considering Chart Analysis.

More information at

Coin Specs

Ticker SymbolBASE
Block Time60 Seconds
Block Size2 MB
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Consensus AlgoPoS + zPoS Hybrid
Masternode SupportYes, 5,000 BASE per masternode
Block rewardMax. 60 BASE per block (split dynamically between staker & masternode)
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase)21,000,000 BASE
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)Infinite
PoS Stake EligibilityMaturity Confirms: 21 confirms
RPC Port5422
Network Port5421

PoS Rewards Breakdown

PhaseBlock HeightRewardMasternode RewardsStaking RewardsCommunity Fund
Phase I1000-43'2001 BASE70% (0.7 BASE)25% (0.25 BASE)5% (0.05 BASE)
Phase II43'201-86'4002 BASE70% (1.4 BASE)25% (0.5 BASE)5% (0.1 BASE)
Phase III86'401-129'6005 BASE70% (3.5 BASE)25% (1.25 BASE)5% (0.25 BASE)
Phase IV129'601-172'80010 BASE70% (7 BASE)25% (2.5 BASE)5% (0.5 BASE)
Phase V172'801-259'20020 BASE70% (14 BASE)25% (5 BASE)5% (1 BASE)
Phase VI259'201-345'60030 BASE70% (21 BASE)25% (7.5 BASE)5% (1.5 BASE)
Phase VII345'601-432'00050 BASE70% (35 BASE)25% (12.5 BASE)5% (2.5 BASE)
Phase VIII432'001-525'60060 BASE70% (42 BASE)25% (15 BASE)5% (3 BASE)
Phase IX525'601-777'60050 BASE70% (35 BASE)25% (12.5 BASE)5% (2.5 BASE)
Phase X777'601-1'036'80030 BASE70% (21 BASE)25% (7.5 BASE)5% (1.5 BASE)
Phase XI1'036'801-Infinite10 BASE70% (7 BASE)25% (2.5 BASE)5% (0.5 BASE)

QT Wallet (gui) install script (Linux)

cd /home
chmod 755

Staking Wallet (no gui) install script (Linux)

cd /home
chmod 755

Masternode install script (Ubuntu 16.04)

cd /home
chmod 755
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