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An open source CMS, Relationship Management System (RMS) and composable application framework. In fact it's also known as a church/organization management system (ChMS). Read more on the Features page
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Applications Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hotfix-1.3.2' into develop
Build - Adding doc version number to copyright footer of SHFB
Checkin Labels - change to label file
Design Assets - update to the blue crystal theme
Dev Tools - added codegen to dev tools that help create a Migration that includ…
Documentation - Added comment in sample data to let users know about DISC sample data.
DotLiquid - Updated Lava processing to handle Expando objects
Installers - updates to the rock installer for 3.1
Quartz - Update all the Nuget packages. Started with just WebApi, but ended …
Rock.Client - adding some missing rock.client models to rock.client
Rock.CodeGeneration - added quick tooltip to CodeGeneration to show the last compile date…
Rock.Migrations - migration for Benevolence Security, and new Benevolence person prof…
Rock.PayFlowPro Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hotfix-1.3.2' into develop
Rock.Plugin Merge branch 'origin/feature-dt-plugin'
Rock.Rest + Added the group leader as a tooltip on the Geofenced By Group perso…
Rock.Tests - Add all referenced dll files so that they are updated and more impo…
Rock.Version - Update version to 3.2
Rock Merge pull request #987 from MrUpsideDown/fix-djl-is-not-blank-filter…
RockJobSchedulerService - Update version to 3.2
RockWeb - Updated the z-index of the admin toolbar to not be hidden by zones …
database - updated " to ' in comments in spFinance_ContributionStatementQuery …
libs - add bootstrap-modal to libs
packages - started on MergeDoc entities, providers and blocktypes
.gitignore - updates for the kiosk
Packages.dgml - remove unused Microsoft.Data.Edm,Microsoft.Data.OData from Rock.dll
README.markdown - Update project README
Rock.sln - added DotLiquid back into solution
Settings.StyleCop - fixup stylecop to not show warnings for hungarian


Rock RMS

Rock RMS is an open source Relationship Management System (RMS) and Application Framework. While Rock specializes in serving the unique needs of churches it's useful in a wide range of service industries. Rock is an ASP.NET 4.5 C# web application that uses Entity Framework 6.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, and many other open source libraries.

Our main developer starting point site is the wiki.

Learn More

Jump over to our Rock website to find out more. Keep up to date by:


Rock released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Built By

A distributed team of developers called the Spark Development Network.

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