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An open source CMS, Relationship Management System (RMS), Church Management System (ChMS), and composable application framework.
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Applications - added Note to Batch UI of Check Scanner
Build - Adding doc version number to copyright footer of SHFB
Checkin Labels - updated checkin labels
Design Assets - update to the blue crystal theme
Dev Tools - added option to CodeGen_PagesBlocksAttributesMigration to forceIncl…
Documentation - Sample Data person notes now support isAlert true/false and also up…
DotLiquid - Updated Lava processing to handle Expando objects
Installers - updated installer to set Rock instance ID
Quartz - Update all the Nuget packages. Started with just WebApi, but ended …
Rock.Client - Added the ability to create content channel items directly from cal…
Rock.CodeGeneration - fix to Rock.Client CopyPropertiesFrom
Rock.Migrations - Fixed html to render correctly when campus context may exist also
Rock.PayFlowPro - EF6 Files
Rock.Plugin Merge branch 'origin/feature-dt-plugin'
Rock.Rest - added extra properties to the guest family controller for Family Ma…
Rock.Tests - Add enter key press trick to the Selenium tests readme.
Rock.Version - Updated version to 1.3.4
Rock - updated searches and datafilters on 'Select Multi' to let you choos…
RockJobSchedulerService - Update Rock Job Scheduler services to have same fixes as as the IIS…
RockWeb - compiled less
database - updated " to ' in comments in spFinance_ContributionStatementQuery …
libs - updated EPPlus Excel component to fix issues with converting Excel …
packages - update projects from EF6.1.0 to EF6.1.3. This will fix an issue whe…
.gitignore - updates for the kiosk
Packages.dgml - remove unused Microsoft.Data.Edm,Microsoft.Data.OData from Rock.dll
README.markdown - Update project README
Rock.sln - added DotLiquid back into solution
Settings.StyleCop - updated stylecop rules to not care about underscores in field names…


Rock RMS

Rock RMS is an open source Relationship Management System (RMS) and Application Framework. While Rock specializes in serving the unique needs of churches it's useful in a wide range of service industries. Rock is an ASP.NET 4.5 C# web application that uses Entity Framework 6.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, and many other open source libraries.

Our main developer starting point site is the wiki.

Learn More

Jump over to our Rock website to find out more. Keep up to date by:


Rock released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Built By

A distributed team of developers called the Spark Development Network.

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