An open source CMS, Relationship Management System (RMS) and Church Management System (ChMS) all rolled into one.
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Applications -incremented scanner exe detail version to reflect 1.9.0 Feb 14, 2019
Build - Adding doc version number to copyright footer of SHFB Apr 15, 2014
Checkin Labels + Add 'Family' check-in functionality to allow checking in multiple f… May 24, 2016
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Dev Tools - Added vs 2017 settings file. Feb 14, 2019
Documentation - Added Daniel Peak to the sample data as a staff member and communic… Aug 30, 2018
DotLiquid + Fixed Lava to support Sort when using JSON (Fixes #1586) Jan 29, 2019
Images - updated github images Sep 26, 2018
Quartz - Fixed email and unknown spelling Jun 15, 2018
Rock.Checkr Merge branch 'hotfix-1.8.6' into develop Dec 11, 2018
Rock.Client -Fixed compiler warnings and code generation. Feb 19, 2019
Rock.CodeGeneration - Updated CodeGen for Rock.Client to mark Obsolete Enums that are Obs… Jan 9, 2019
Rock.Mailgun - Removed all [Obsolete] items that were marked Obsolete in Rock v6 o… Sep 26, 2018
Rock.Mandrill - Used the Update-Package -reinstall nuget command with help fix some… Jun 26, 2018
Rock.Migrations - Fix 201807102225186_AddIsActiveToDefinedValueType so that MoveOrigi… Feb 20, 2019
Rock.PayFlowPro - Fixed spelling mistakes Jul 26, 2018
Rock.Plugin Merge branch 'origin/feature-dt-plugin' May 8, 2014
Rock.Rest - Add return comment to schedule process API Feb 22, 2019
Rock.RestClient + Added new features to the Check Scanner including support for the M… Feb 7, 2019
Rock.Security.Authentication.Auth0 Merge branch 'hotfix-1.7.5' into develop Aug 13, 2018
Rock.SignNow - Fixed spelling mistakes Jul 26, 2018
Rock.Slingshot.Model Multiple fixes to Slingshot import Aug 2, 2018
Rock.Slingshot - Improve performance of Slingshot Attendance Import when looking up … Aug 2, 2018
Rock.Specs + Added Asset Manager block and FieldType to manage and pick files st… Sep 6, 2018
Rock.StatementGenerator Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hotfix-1.8.7' into develop Feb 19, 2019
Rock.Tests.Integration + Added image thumbnail creation to the AssetManager file list. If th… Oct 12, 2018
Rock.Tests - Added new Lava tests for Regular Expression matching. Feb 5, 2019
Rock.Version -Updated Build Version ( Feb 19, 2019
Rock.WebStartup - Used the Update-Package -reinstall nuget command with help fix some… Jun 26, 2018
RockJobSchedulerService - Optimized Rock images losslessly saving 909kb Jul 19, 2017
RockWeb - Hide the schedule payment method panel if the gateway doesn't suppo… Feb 22, 2019
SignNowSDK - Used the Update-Package -reinstall nuget command with help fix some… Jun 26, 2018
database Merge branch 'hotfix-1.8.6' into develop Nov 16, 2018
.gitignore + Added new features to the Check Scanner including support for the M… Feb 7, 2019
.stylelintrc Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/feature-je-v8ui' into develop Apr 5, 2018
BranchCleanup.bat - update cleanup batch file to delete all project bin/obj folders Jul 24, 2017
Packages.dgml - remove unused Microsoft.Data.Edm,Microsoft.Data.OData from Rock.dll Dec 22, 2014
README.markdown Check-in from the Sahrawi refugee camp of Smara in Algeria Feb 5, 2019
Settings.StyleCop - updated stylecop rules to not care about underscores in field names… Jul 10, 2015


Rock RMS

Rock RMS is an open source Relationship Management System (RMS) and Application Framework. While Rock specializes in serving the unique needs of churches it's useful in a wide range of service industries. Rock is an ASP.NET 4.5 C# web application that uses Entity Framework 6.0, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, and many other open source libraries.

Our main developer starting point site is the wiki.

Learn More

Jump over to our Rock website to find out more. Keep up to date by:


Rock released under the Rock Community License.

Crafted By

A community of developers led by the Spark Development Network.