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Rock RMS is the open-source, extensible Relationship Management System (for managing People, Families, Groups, etc.) which was released on October 21, 2014.

This wiki is the secondary source of documentation for developers working with or contributing to Rock. If you're not a developer, we recommend you visit the Rock RMS website.

I'm a Developer, Where Do I Start?

QuickStartTutorials 101LaunchPad 202Ignition

These remaining sections are being converted to Rock Developer Books and will be made available on the Rock Developer site when they are ready. In the mean time, you can refer to these older wiki pages.



Lastly, this important UI Toolkit guide has not been converted to a book form yet so it's only available here as a wiki page. (Want to help update and convert this guide? Let Nick know.)



Head over to the Rock Developer Q & A site.

I'd like to Contribute

Read the Contributing to Rock guide.

I'm Contributing to Core or I'm a Core Team Member

Core Developers Reference

This TOC page has the links to the most relevant pages we use weekly.

Build status

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