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Welcome to Hybrid Craft 2 Git.. :)

Hybrid Craft 2 is maintained by 3 people. :D

Heyguys.. -- Photographer

Me: SparkMaster.. -- Programmer/Texturer/GitHub

SebDaMuffin.. -- Programmer/GitHub

Hybrid craft is a mods folder mod. :D and it is really fun to use when you have chests full of dirt, sand, cobble or even just some original minecraft ores like iron. :D

We will always release the most suitable version, and update for you guys. We won't let any bugs get into you minecraft from this. :D

Current Hybrid Craft Release: 2.1 Release 2

Current Indev Hybrid Craft: 2.2 Beta 1

If you want to chat with us come join @ #hybridcraft2 :D (IRC Espernet Channel)