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Plugin Hooks

SparkPost's WordPress plugin has a number of hooks that can be used to modify how it works and/or inject new functionality around its lifecycle.


Hook names are prefixed with wpsp_.

List of hooks

Hook Name Type Description (Purpose)
wpsp_get_settings Filter Tap into settings objects
wpsp_init_mailer Action Modify/replace http mailer instance
wpsp_get_http_lib Filter Modify/replace http library
wpsp_before_send Action
wpsp_after_send Action
wpsp_handle_response Filter Custom handler for http response. Return a boolean to indicate the success or failure of the transmission and to stop further processing.
wpsp_recipients Filter
wpsp_open_tracking Filter
wpsp_click_tracking Filter
wpsp_template_id Filter Use a different template ID
wpsp_sender_email Filter
wpsp_sender_name Filter
wpsp_response_body Filter
wpsp_api_key Filter Use different API Key/Password
wpsp_request_headers Filter
wpsp_reply_to Filter
wpsp_body_headers Filter
wpsp_smtp_msys_api Filter
wpsp_transactional Filter Set whether an email is transactional or not.
wpsp_substitution_data Filter Modify substitution_data object
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