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Spark View Engine

Spark is a view engine for ASP.NET MVC, FubuMVC, NancyFx and Castle Project MonoRail frameworks. The idea is to allow the html to dominate the flow and any code to fit seamlessly.

<viewdata products="IEnumerable[[Product]]"/>
<ul if="products.Any()">
  <li each="var p in products">${p.Name}</li>
  <p>No products available</p>

Although we also support "left-offset" syntax inspired by frameworks like Jade and Haml

viewdata products="IEnumerable[[Product]]"
ul if="products.Any()"
  li each="var p in products" 
  p |No products available

Getting Started


It's as easy as PM> Install-Package Spark from nuget for the core

Need Help

Core Team


All software produced by the Spark Software Foundation or any of its projects or subjects is licensed according to the terms of Apache License, Version 2.0

See the Apache License FAQ

Read more about licencing in the Wiki