A game in which you roam around the game's own code, killing viruses and eating yin-yangs.
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A game in which you roam around the game's own code, killing viruses and eating yin-yangs. Play it here.


Feel free to modify as you wish. The code is unfortunately quite messy. This is partially by design, since a lot of the visual design of the game is in the code itself.


The index.html file contains code compiled from the JavaScript files in the parts directory.

The intro.js file comes first; then the statements.js file is encoded as a function (this is a bit funky); finally the control.js file gets compressed a bit. All these pieces are glued together, and then they get wrapped and syntax highlighted.


If you want to compile some changes that you have made to the files in parts, then you'll need to run the command python compiling/compile.py. The requirements are:

  • Python 2.7
  • Nodejs
  • An internet connection (for using the Google closure compiler)

I've only done this on Linux however; I don't know how well it'll work on other systems.

Useful Info

I shall call the code that makes up the game-universe the sub-code, and the code that interprets this code the super-code.

Variables that are used exclusively by the super-code all the $ prefix. This is useful to distinguish them, but the main purpose is to protect those variables from anything the sub-code might do, since the sub code never references any variables beginning with $.

Variables created in the super-code which for the purpose of communicating with the sub-code have the prefix _.


This projected is under the MIT license.