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FakeTrollPlus - New large-range trolling plugin for server administrators
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FakeTrollPlus - New large-range trolling plugin for server administrators. Learn more here.

Live API documentation:


This plugin supports UUIDs and is NOT compatible with MC-1.7 or older. Java 8+ is a requirement.

This plugin allows server administrators to have some fun trolling their players by adding 38 handy commands which can also be considered as a useful resource to manage your server's playerbase.

Should you find any bugs please post them in the resource's discussion section or in the Issue tracker (links below).

Commands & Permissions:

For a complete list of commands visit the wiki.


The plugin configuration is extremely simple and self-explanatory. Every feature can be disabled, so that your server administrators don't get access to potentially "dangerous" commands. Some of the messages the plugin will output are fully customisable while the ones which are left will be added to the config file very soon. The configuration allows full '&'-colour codes support. The default settings have been moved to src/main/resources/config.yml.


This plugin provides a set of over 38 commands to admins who wish to have a bit of fun.This plugin aims to allow full customisability, so more configuration settings are being worked on.

Bugs and TO-DO:

All known bugs are entered in the Issue tracker. A to-do can be found under the Project manager.

Terms and License:

The project is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.


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