Sparksoniq | Run queries on top of your JSON data with Spark | First alpha release
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JSON at the scale of Spark

A JSONiq engine to query large-scale JSON datasets stored on HDFS. Spark under the hood.

Documentation is available here.

Error codes

  • [XPST0003] - Parsing error. Invalid syntax or unsupported feature in query.

  • [XPTY0004] - Unexpected Type Error. It is a type error if, during the static analysis phase, an expression is found to have a static type that is not appropriate for the context in which the expression occurs, or during the dynamic evaluation phase, the dynamic type of a value does not match a required type. Example: using subtraction on strings.

  • [XQST0016] - Module declaration error. Current implementation does not support the Module Feature raises a static error if it encounters a module declaration or a module import.

  • [XPST0017] - Invalid function call error. It is a static error if the expanded QName and number of arguments in a static function call do not match the name and arity of a function signature in the static context.

  • [XQST0031] - Invalid JSONiq version. It is a static error if the version number specified in a version declaration is not supported by the implementation. For now, only version 1.0 is supported.

  • [XQST0094] - Invalid variable in group-by clause. The name of each grouping variable must be equal (by the eq operator on expanded QNames) to the name of a variable in the input tuple stream.

  • [JNDY0003] - Duplicate pair name. t is a dynamic error if two pairs in an object constructor or in a simple object union have the same name.

  • [JNTY0004] - Unexpected non-atomic element. Raised when objects or arrays are supplied where an atomic element is expected.

  • [JNTY0018] - Invalid selector error code. It is a type error if there is not exactly one supplied parameter for an object or array selector.

  • [XPDY0139] - Unimplemented feature error. Raised when a JSONiq feature that is not yet implemented in Sparksoniq is used.

  • [XPDY0140] - Undeclared variable error.

  • [XPDY0130] - Generic runtime exception [check error message].

  • [SPRKIQ0001] - CLI error. Raised when invalid parameters are supplied at launch.