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Welcome To: MinipH Hardware Repo!!

Note: This is for the MinipH Hardware Version 4 Branch

MinipH Hardware Design Files in EAGLE. Not much to say, there are some custom parts will add Library after I clean it up!

Schematic Info

Basic schematic is split into sections
  • Analog Front End - pH gain and offset stages
  • 12bit ADC
  • VREF
  • VGND generated by Op-amp, probe is biased
  • Reverse V protection pFET

Board Layout Info

Form factor is consistent with all other mini interface boards
  • Standard 2.54mm pitch header and Grove style connector
  • Guard ring on pH input stage, care must be taken in layout here
  • Added back in solder bridge jumper to select if Vref should be used or not (Its an expensive BurrBrown guy and really only needed for super sensitive use)


Just a quick list of current issues
  • Mostly stable design older errata resolved, new may be created will be updated


  • Take a look in MinipH's Firmware Repo For Arduino!
  • Check out my USB pH interfaceLeoPhi for a powerful and easy to use USB PH Probe interface!

Basic Usage

####See MinipH's Firmware Repo

License Info

This is a fully open source project released under the CC BY license

Creative Commons License
MinipH by Ryan Edwards, Sparky's Widgets is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at